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Tap BPM for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

I have a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (PO-12) and it’s pretty cool. One thing I felt was missing, though, was a way to tap a button to set the BPM value - the 3 presets (Hip-Hop, Disco, Techno) and dial adjust isn’t very specific. It does however have a sync feature that allows you to connect multiple Pocket Operators together (and I’ve heard some other devices as well) - and keep them in sync… which got me thinking, could one create the sync signal using some simple electronics and programming? Project time… more→

Ubiquiti AP Setup Debugging

While trying out a Ubiquiti wifi solution, I ran into one AP not getting installed correctly. It was showing as either disconnected or pending authorization - the latter I think means that it was trying to connect to a wifi netowork rather than the ethernet network it was plugged into. more→