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Steps to Jekyll hosting on S3 and CloudFront with SSL with Forestry.io Deployment

Here are the steps I went through to get a new / fresh blog up using Jekyll and deployed to Amazon S3 using Forestry.io with CloudFront and SSL.

Adafruit Trinket-based Sync Track for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

AVR Dragon Quick Connector for ATtiny85 and ATtiny2313 / ATtiny4313

OSH Park AVR Dragon boards

Dipping a toe in the Amazon Lambda waters

Websites with no infrastructure, let’s see how this works…

AVR Dragon Quick Connector PCB From OSH Park

OSH Park pretty much rules. This was my first toe into making a PCB to be produced. I used Eagle to design it and OSH Park to get it made. A week or so later, I got these boards in the mail:

Hot Glue Halloween Cobwebs

We’re all into Halloween around here… Here’s how we made some cobwebs using only a hot glue gun and glue.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Tap Sync

A Mostly No Arduino ATtiny85 I2C LCD

This is hacked to all get out, but using some sometimes modded Arduino libraries as a start and info found all over the net, I finally managed to get my ATtiny85 talking I2C to a cheap I2C LCD. Why no Arduino? Because I want my own timer interrupts and the ATtiny Arduino core uses the timer(s?) I want to use for millis() stuff…

Tap BPM for Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

I have a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (PO-12) and it’s pretty cool. One thing I felt was missing, though, was a way to tap a button to set the BPM value - the 3 presets (Hip-Hop, Disco, Techno) and dial adjust isn’t very specific. It does however have a sync feature that allows you to connect multiple Pocket Operators together (and I’ve heard some other devices as well) - and keep them in sync… which got me thinking, could one create the sync signal using some simple electronics and programming? Project time…

Display Raspberry Pi webcam video to screen

So, this is how to display your Raspberry Pi USB webcam video to your screen (without X windows). It’s all rather simple once you Google all day looking for how to do it…